General information

A cycle commission of disciplines for vocational and practical training (specialty “Primary education”) was founded in 2014.
The chairman of the cycle committee is a specialist of the highest category, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Tatiana Stambulʹsʹka.

Cycle Commission provides training for specialists in the specialty “Primary Education” by educational qualification level of junior specialist.(specializations: “Primary education. English”, “Primary education. Choreography”, “Primary education. Informatics”, “Primary education. Correctional education”)

The cycle commission is comprised of experienced research and teaching staff:

13 Candidates of Sciences– Stambulʹsʹka T.I., Hnatyuk M.V., Hotsulyak K.I., Dovbenko S.YU., Karpenko H.M., Maksymchuk H.M., Moskalenko YU.M., Nesterenko S.V., Pletenytsʹka L.S., Pomirkovana T.V., Prokopiv L.M., Sav᾿yuk H.P., Tsyunyak O.P.;

20 specialists of the highest category– Stambulʹsʹka T.I., Hnatyuk M.V., Hontar A.F., Hotsulyak K.I., Dovbenko S.YU., Karpenko H.M., Kravchenko I.M., Lyktey L.M., Maksymchuk H.M., Moskalenko YU.M., Nesterenko S.V., Pletenytsʹka L.S., Polyakova T.V., Pomirkovana T.V., Prokopiv L.M., Savʺyuk H.P., Sorokolita O.V., Sydoriv L.M., Tsyunyak O.P., Yakymiv S.M.;

6 Methodist teachers– Hontar A.F., Dovbenko S.YU., Moskalenko YU.M., Nesterenko S.V., Polyakova T.V., Yakymiv S.M.

7 Associate Professors– Hnatyuk M.V., Dovbenko S.YU., Moskalenko YU.M., Pletenytsʹka L.S., Pomirkovana T.V., Prokopiv L.M., Sav᾿yuk H.P.

The purpose of the cycle commission is to improve the system of training of future primary school teachers on the basis of a combination of national pedagogical heritage, pedagogical heritage of the past and modern pedagogical technologies, to ensure the development of future teachers who are able to pursue professional activity on the basis of professional development.

The purpose of the activity of the cycle commission includes the following tasks:

  1. To form the professional competences of future teachers in accordance with the purpose of primary school, the requirements of the State standard of elementary general education, the Branch concept of continuous pedagogical education of the Concept of “New Ukrainian School”.
  2. Strengthen cross-curricular linkages with basic and applied education and build subject, core and professional competences on that basis.
  3. To carry out individualization of educational process and to improve the system of independent work of students.
  4. Ensure deep mastery of the content of psychological and pedagogical disciplines through the use of opportunities of information and communication technologies, interactive teaching methods, multimedia tools and methods of extracurricular educational work.
  5. To develop the ability to carry out psychological and pedagogical diagnostics and to involve students in educational and research activities.
  6. To study, implement and promote pedagogical experience.
  7. Improve the complexes of educational and methodological support for teaching the disciplines of the cycle commission.
  8. To develop and improve the system of programmed control of disciplines of the cycle commission.
  9. To increase the competence of teachers by means of self-education and methodical work.

The Cycle Commission provides teaching of the following subjects:

“Children’s Literature”, “Fundamentals of Culture and Technique of Speech”, “Methods of Ukrainian Language”, “Calligraphy (Graphics of Writing)”, “Teaching Methods of Mathematics”, “Theory and Methods of Physical Education”, “Methods of Labor Training with Practicum”, ” Music education with teaching methods ”,“ Pedagogical Psychology ”,“ Didactics ”,“ Fundamentals of Correctional Pedagogy (Dectology) ”,“ Fundamentals of Pedagogical Skills ”,“ Methods of teaching Mathematics ”,“ Methods of teaching Informatics ”,“ Basics of scenic and screen ”

Disciplines of free choice of student:

“Practical English Course”, “Advanced Experience and Author’s Teaching Methods”, “Choreography (Theory and Methods of Modern Dance)”, “Fundamentals of Music Theory and Solfeggio”, “Computer Software”, “Internet Basics”, “Theory and Methodology” inclusive teaching ”,“ Special pedagogy with the method of individual correction ”,“ Fundamentals of algorithmization and discrete mathematics ”,“ Fundamentals of programming ”,“ Modern information technologies in elementary school ”,“ Regional studies ”,“ Methods of teaching English in elementary language ” x classes “,” English Literature “,” Choreography (theory and methodology of classical dance) “,” Historical and household dance “,” Art of ballet master “,” Pedagogical practice in specialization “Choreography”