About Cycle Commission

The purpose of the Commission is:

  • improving of primary school teachers training system on the basis of combination of folk pedagogy acquisitions, pedagogical heritage of the past and modern educational technologies;
  • providing educational development of future teachers who are able to carry out their professional activity during the professional improvement process on the principles of humanism.

The aim of the Cycle Commission provides the implementation of the following tasks:

  • Form future teachers professional competence according to the purpose of primary school, Elementary Education State Standard requirements and the Concept of Continuous Pedagogical Education.
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary relations with basic and applied education and to form subject, key and professional competences on its basis.
  • Provide individualized educational process and improve the system of independent students’ work.
  • Provide a deep understanding of psycho-pedagogical disciplines content using the information and communication technologies, interactive teaching methods, multimedia techniques and extracurricular educational work.
  • Form the ability to perform psychological and pedagogical diagnostics and involve the students in teaching and research activities.
  • Study, implement and promote educational experience.
  • Improve educational-methodical complexes of the Cycle Commission teaching disciplines.
  • Develop and improve the programmed control system of Cycle Commission subjects.
  • Increase the teachers competence by means of self-education and methodical work.